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Are you looking to create a healthy family, a peaceful kitchen, and a happy you? Can’t get your kids to eat healthy food? Don’t even know which foods are healthy and which are not? Worried the effort will make you crazy?

If you’re looking for clarity and empowerment around food and family, get these books!

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About Healthy Family, Healthy You: The Healthy Mama’s Guide to feeding your family well – simply and sanely!

Here are the tips, tricks and important nutritional information I’ve discovered while writing about and researching food and health for the past decade. I’m a journalist with no pony in the game or supplement to sell you; just a mom trying to do her best for you and your children’s health, happiness and longevity.

Get clear on what you want for yourself and your family and learn how to make it happen.

  • Over 50 “Tasha’s Tips” to make your life easier, healthier and happier!
  • The Magic 8 Healthy Family, Healthy You Authorized Fast Food List
  • Specific Digestible Nutrition Information
  • Strategies, Substitutions, and a Structure for making lasting changes to your household diet

Set your kids up for a healthy relationship with food and your family for a long, pleasurable life together.

Start feeling happy, healthy and empowered today!

About The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook: The Healthy Mama’s Guide to simple, healthy versions of your family’s favorite foods

Cookbook Front Cover

This book is written by a journalist who loves to cook; but really, she is just a mom trying to do her best for children’s health, happiness and longevity – both hers and yours.

Studies show that we eat mostly the same weight in food each day. But that doesn’t mean we spend our entire adult lives the same weight on the scale. Natasha won’t tell you that you need to eat “small portions,” or learn to love the metallic taste of artificial sweetener in your food.

There is a different way; one in which you can eat almost as much as you want, feel satiated, improve your health and well-being and set your kids up for a healthy relationship with food and your family for a long, pleasurable life together. These recipes will get you there!

About the Author

Natasha Rosenstock Nadel came to this story as a journalist and the information and recommendations in these books come from a decade of research, reporting, eating, and reading; and having a family she tries to feed as well as possible.

Named “Most Creative Problem Solver,” by Dr. Neil Barnard and his staff at the conclusion of her Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine migraine study group, Natasha Nadel is a journalist and a mom who provides healthy substitutes for the typical shortcuts parents make when trying to feed their family quickly.

Natasha wrote this book for parents like her who don’t want to work so hard to feed their children healthy and delicious meals made from whole foods. She lives outside Washington, DC with her husband, son and daughter.

She is currently happy to be a resource to those in her community looking to create their own healthy families – and a community of support around eating well.

For more information about her programs, see the Healthy Workshops/Events! page on this website.