My exclusive interview with Medal of Honor winner Sgt Dakota Meyer!

Dakota Meyer allows one last interview before ceremony

‘Do your best every day, give 100 percent every day and never stop.’ -DAKOTA MEYER

As this is posted,

A Unifying Quiet has begun to settle over in Columbia/Adair County
in Shared Pride, and Silent Participation in A Unique, Sacred Moment in our History

By Natasha Rosenstock

This is an Exclusive Interview as Dakota Meyer is not giving any other interviews this week. The only condition of the interview was that I ask him questions pertaining to today and the future, rather than from the past. -NATASHA

Q: How can Adair Countians best honor you, but give you your privacy?

A: “I’m not about getting honored. They don’t have to treat me different than any one else. My privacy is the same as everyone else.”

He said those who want to do something can certainly give to his scholarship fund.

Q: What would you say to young people in Adair County who might want to join the Marines?

A: “It’s a great opportunity. It got me to where I’m at and set me up for success for the rest of my life.”

Q: What should young people do in school to prepare them for success in the Marines?

A: “Just what you need to do in any situation. Do your best every day, give 100 percent every day and never stop.”

Q: How has growing up in a rural area like Columbia influenced your values?

A: “Everyone knows where I’m from. In Columbia, KY everybody knows and takes care of one another. They’ve taken care of me and stood behind me since I came back.”

That being said, Dakota Meyer does not know where he’s going to be living in the near-future. But we can be sure he’ll carry his tenacity and perseverance with him wherever he goes. -NATASHA ROSENSTOCK for