Where’s Daddy?

This started out as a funny little joke, became a total riot and now I’m pretty sure that if I call him and he hasn’t left I’ll laugh so hard I’ll go into labor.

My dad called me on Friday afternoon to tell me he was coming Sunday. He’s chronically late and an avid photographer. He wanted to make sure he got here for the birth to take the first pictures of the baby. So instead of getting in the car when I go into labor (since there is a two week window it could be at this point…) he was going to leave Sunday. He may or may not take a break and stay over somewhere so we’d either see him late Sunday night or on Monday.

About 2:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, my husband suggested we check on him and make sure all was well with the drive. Sure, we made a few jokes about his leaving late and the camping trip we were supposed to leave for at 6am and left at 11:30pm. But we at least thought he was on the road. Nope. My sister called and we hear her say, “Oh, so you haven’t left yet?” We all start cracking up. Lani was laughing so hard she had to hand the phone to me. I was laughing almost as hard and reminded him of the camping trip. A few minutes later he says, “Can I talk to Tash?” “It is Tasha! Lani was laughing so hard about your not leaving that she had to hand the phone to me.” We even admit that our voices are exactly the same on the phone, plus we were both hysterically laughing the whole time so we gave him a pass. And he reminded me that it was the first time in about 24 years he’d made that mistake. So he told us he wasn’t going to leave at night because that doesn’t make sense. You should always leave on a road trip at the crack of dawn. He’d just been too busy packing and trying to fit everything in his car. Why one person can’t fit two weeks worth of stuff in one car…I won’t even try to figure out. I just hope he can keep some of it in his car and doesn’t plan to put a car full of stuff in our office/guest room!

So today is Monday. Again, about 2:30 today, my husband asked if I’d talked to my dad to see where he was. The second he answered the phone I knew he was still at home and not on the road. He said some work stuff came up that he couldn’t take of remotely so its actually a good thing he didn’t leave yesterday. I get that. I know it’s a big deal for him not to be able to work while he’s here for a couple of weeks. He said he was going to leave “shortly” and would stay over somewhere tonight.

Now, do I call and check on him? I’m afraid to. If he hasn’t left I will laugh so hard I won’t be able to breathe! Between my pregnancy stuffiness and a baby’s feet in my ribs, I already can’t breathe. I don’t know if I could take it! I mean he’s usually late, but two days? Ha ha. The truth is that I don’t mind because we’re still so busy getting the house settled, including his room. We want it to be ready for him so tomorrow works fine for me. But this goes down in history as one of the best Stan the Man stories ever! Lol…