A Spring without Zombies!

I’m not one to tell my kids to go outside and play. Why? I don’t like to play outside! If they’re out there, I have to be too. However, I recently realized that I had to do something to combat the slow screen-addicted zombie-ification of myself and my family. Discovering a sense of wonder (missing in the Google age) for something other than new toy videos on YouTube is definitely a healthy habit for children AND adults. I decided to force that discovery and took advantage of a once a year phenomena to get us out there.

Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Chanukah

How was your Thanksgiving?
Were you “good”? Were you “bad”? Did you eat the treats you wanted to for that special day and you’re just fine with that? Did you take my advice for a healthy, enjoyable, holiday?
I can tell you a few conclusions/recommendations that I came to after this Thanksgiving.

What to Eat for Dinner The Day Before Thanksgiving!

You start cooking for Thanksgiving on Wednesday morning…realizing at 4pm that you have no idea what everyone is supposed to eat for dinner that night. So you order pizza. Sound about right?Think about dinner for just a couple minutes on Tuesday (so you can get the groceries when you go shopping for Thanksgiving), and you’ll be all set to eat a healthy, but filling meal Wednesday night. Many people say they’re just not going to eat on Wednesday or only eat salad, etc… that usually just drives them to a mindset of scarcity and straight to eating until they want to throw up on Thanksgiving day! Here are 3 tips and 2 recipes to make for a fun, indulgent, but not gluttonous, holiday.

5 Products for a Healthier, Sustainable Home

5 Products for a Healthier & Sustainable Home Just like my sister would say that you should build your wardrobe with high-quality foundation pieces, so should you build your healthy home. Just a few substitutions and you’re on your way to a more sustainable and healthier family. More sustainable because you aren’t using as many …

Low down cheatin’ cholent – Easiest vegetarian cholent recipe ever

Can you open cans and bags and pour ingredients in? Congratulations! You can make my short cut cholent! Prepare to be liberated from chopping, peeling, crying from onions…!

Kosher restaurant scandal…and resulting column

See my September 2009 column about the blessings and the curses of kosher restaurants. I ate so well in New York and Chicago this summer. Planning Miami next! In case you didn’t click quickly enough, here is a screen capture of my Rosh Hashanah On Faith blog for www.washingtonpost.com. I hope everyone is having a …

Check out my “On Faith” blog, a project of Newsweek and www.washingtonpost.com

See my Rosh Hashanah personal essay for the On Faith blog, a joint project of Newsweek and www.washingtonpost.com. http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/onfaith/guestvoices/2009/09/a_mothers_holiday_vow.html?referrer=emaillink And here’s the pdf… A New Mother’s Holiday Vow By Natasha Rosenstock In my single days I would attend multiple classes designed to help me figure out my character flaws and work to make myself a …