Gift your Family Healthy Togetherness

I love the concept of a “family gift.” Sometimes that is a vacation and sometimes that is a Foosball table. Here are a few family gift ideas that will get the kids away from the “me, me, me” and “I want, I want, I want” mentality of the holidays.

Make your own Healthy Chinese Food this Dec 25 or any time

Everyone needs a healthy alternative to standard restaurant Chinese food, whether you eat it for Xmas or just for fun whenever you feel like it. Take a look back at this blog post for the easiest and healthiest Chinese meal you’ll ever eat! Don’t worry, it’s very tasty too! Best of all, you won’t feel gross after you eat it. No MSG side effects. No rumbling stomach or deep thirst keeping you up at night.

You can still save yourself and others Mid-Donut-Week!

  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW. KEEP READING! Okay, so we’re not even halfway through Hanukkah and I can’t believe the gluttony! No judgment here; I promise. Everyone who has a party has to serve donuts and latkes, right? And cookies shaped like menorahs and dreidels with food colored sprinkles… Seriously, I’m not giving you a hard […]

Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Chanukah

How was your Thanksgiving?
Were you “good”? Were you “bad”? Did you eat the treats you wanted to for that special day and you’re just fine with that? Did you take my advice for a healthy, enjoyable, holiday?
I can tell you a few conclusions/recommendations that I came to after this Thanksgiving.

Sugar High? Hannukah Hangover article relevant to all holidays…

Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems. I remember the early days of motherhood when this was new information to me. However, I didn’t think I’d experience addiction issues with my child – if at all – until she became a teenager. Instead, this past week she has bounced from party to party, including […]

“On Faith” Washington Post: The Hanukkah gift-giving dilemma

 “On Faith” Washington Post: The Hanukkah gift-giving dilemma