Gift your Family Healthy Togetherness

I love the concept of a “family gift.” Sometimes that is a vacation and sometimes that is a Foosball table. Here are a few family gift ideas that will get the kids away from the “me, me, me” and “I want, I want, I want” mentality of the holidays.

Summer Travel Tips: 10 healthy food items for your next trip

Lots of people travel with food for various reasons, such as picky kids, keeping to a specific diet, and expense. It’s always going to be cheaper to bring your own oatmeal to make with hot water in the hotel room, than it is to pay $25 for a breakfast buffet. It’s a lot healthier too! Sometimes, having your own food in between special travel meals is also just convenient, quick and easy – and of course almost always a wiser option than grabbing a muffin somewhere!

Let’s celebrate Chocolate and Heart-Shaped Produce!

Everyone can find an excuse to celebrate chocolate, right? Why not make it a healthier, vegan chocolate recipe? (Note that if you are looking at this in your email, you may need to “view in browser” for all images to appear) I know many of my readers do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I actually …

Cooking sophisticated food with the kids!

Cooking sophisticated food with the kids! We’ve been cooking up a storm over here, as always! I am always trying other bloggers’ recipes but I don’t always remember to tell or show you. See below for a super delicious salad from My son especially loved mixing it. First, he gladly ate the greens covered …