Summer Travel Tips

Lots of people travel with food for various reasons, such as picky kids, keeping to a specific diet, and expense. It’s always going to be cheaper to bring your own oatmeal to make with hot water in the hotel room, than it is to pay $25 for a breakfast buffet. It’s a lot healthier too! Sometimes, having your own food in between special travel meals is also just convenient, quick and easy – and of course almost always a wiser option than grabbing a muffin somewhere!


Before you leave

Tovolo Dino Pop Molds
Click here: Super Fun Ice Pop Molds

Give the kids (and yourself) a fun treat when you get home. Before you go, get some fun ice pop molds and fill them with “nice cream,” (that’s an ice cream like concoction made from frozen fruit – usually in a Vitamix. You can also use this (less expensive) machine.) or another ice pop recipe. Throw ’em in the freezer and forget about it until you get home and have a refreshing treat after your (likely long, hot) travels.

What to bring and/or buy when you get there

If I’ve learned anything as a vegan, it’s to never go anywhere too hungry! I have a great list of foods to bring. What you can bring will be based on whether you are traveling by car or plane, have a decent grocery store where you’re going and if you have access to a refrigerator or microwave.You may have a short or long trip, etc… So take these suggestions as they apply to you.

Here are some great choices. Let me know what you bring and what you find helpful from this list.

1. If you are NOT taking a plane: The day before I leave I make green smoothies (1 for each day I need) and natural whole foods based protein/coffee shakes (with this protein powder, banana and coffee). Even if I’m traveling to civilization with coffee shops and juice bars, I just saved myself $15 bucks every morning!

2. Oatmeal cups, such as these new all-natural, lower sugar options from Trader Joe’s. In fact, I recommend both a pre-trip to Trader Joe’s and one when you get where you’re going. If you don’t have Trader Joe’s anywhere you’re going, figure out the next best choice, like a natural foods store. They should carry similar oatmeal cups.

3. Individual packs of trail mix with raw nuts.

4. Kind bars (check the flavors available to buy the ones with the lowest sugar)

5. Individual bags of Skinny Pop popcorn.

6. You can also bring individual hummus packs and edamame that can be kept in a small cooler bag – even if you’re going on a plane. Don’t forget the veggie sticks!

7. Another great option – if you can keep your food cold – is to make a bunch of my recipe for chia seed pudding before you go and keep it cold next to the smoothie jars you froze from the night before (they also act as ice!).

8. The age old travel food: Apples!

9. Black bean dip. Mix 1 can black beans and 1 small jar salsa. Use an immersion blender to blend into dip. Bring organic tortilla chips and veggies to dip.

10. There’s a new, healthier version of those cup’a soups/ramen noodles, tradition soups, etc….

Explore Asia Gluten Free Noodle Soup Cup with soybean noodles
Explore Asia Gluten Free Noodle Cup Soup, Vegetable, 2.2 Ounce (Pack of 6)

While you’re away

Make sure the food you leave at home doesn’t spoil! In fact, it’s important to always keep your food safe from heat, light, odors, etc…

Infiniti Jars recently sent me some samples of their light-proof, freshness-preserving screw top jars and cosmetic, kitchen and apothecary bottles. I use them to store a powdered supplement that comes in a bag that doesn’t close well and then gets everywhere when I put it into a ziploc bag; and popcorn for the hot air popper that normally gets stale very quickly. They worked very well. They’re a great choice if you want something you can use forever and don’t want plastic or odors leaching into your food or cosmetics.

Infiniti Jars