Summer Travel Tips: 10 healthy food items for your next trip

Lots of people travel with food for various reasons, such as picky kids, keeping to a specific diet, and expense. It’s always going to be cheaper to bring your own oatmeal to make with hot water in the hotel room, than it is to pay $25 for a breakfast buffet. It’s a lot healthier too! Sometimes, having your own food in between special travel meals is also just convenient, quick and easy – and of course almost always a wiser option than grabbing a muffin somewhere!

3 Easy Ways (+ 1 Cookbook!) to Lose Weight by Eating Well

3 Easy Ways (+ 1 Cookbook!) to Lose Weight by Eating Well The Healthy Family, Healthy You way says that slow and steady wins the race. That means, eat for health and a healthy weight will follow. The more you eat real food, the more your body will understand when it is truly hungry or just …