This year, Giving Tuesday comes BEFORE Black Friday

Last year Black Friday bled into Thanksgiving Day and this year it essentially began on Monday of Thanksgiving week. The following week we can look forward to Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. That is the American order. “After you feel guilty for your gluttony, please give to charity.” But in my world, Jewish values tell me that giving charity (tzedekah) comes way before buying tchotchkes. Whatever faith you are or are not, I’m confident that my readers agree with me.

Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Chanukah

How was your Thanksgiving?
Were you “good”? Were you “bad”? Did you eat the treats you wanted to for that special day and you’re just fine with that? Did you take my advice for a healthy, enjoyable, holiday?
I can tell you a few conclusions/recommendations that I came to after this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving (w/Kids) Made Easy!

Easiest, Healthiest Thanksgiving Menu Ever! Hello, my Healthy Mamas! First, I want to let you guys (and gals – I’m from Chicago – you guys is gender inclusive!) know that the Healthy Family Healthy You book is wrapping up at lightning speed right now! In the next week, my beta readers will have received all …

A Healthy, Vegan Thanksgivu​kkah

Planning a healthy and vegan Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Xmas, Thanksgivukkah? You’re also invited to read this post if you do plan to eat turkey for Thanksgiving (or even ham for Xmas!). At my family’s table, I’ll be the only one not eating the turkey at Thanksgiving. All of my energy is going to go into making sure that everything else on the table is healthy, delicious, and relatively guilt-free! Also, I guarantee, having skipped the turkey and it’s “snoozey” effects, I’ll be the only one with energy AFTER the meal! If you want energy too, keep reading for recipe ideas!

Avital’s new minhag (custom)

[Click here for my December Home Gardening Column about eating off of your own land. Stay tuned for a PresenTense Magazine article on the same topic.] Avital has a new minhag (custom). She has to have an explosive diaper on holidays in a stranger’s house. It doesn’t matter if it’s her holiday or someone else’s. …