A Healthy, Vegan Thanksgivu​kkah

Planning a healthy and vegan Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Xmas, Thanksgivukkah? You’re also invited to read this post if you do plan to eat turkey for Thanksgiving (or even ham for Xmas!). At my family’s table, I’ll be the only one not eating the turkey at Thanksgiving. All of my energy is going to go into making sure that everything else on the table is healthy, delicious, and relatively guilt-free! Also, I guarantee, having skipped the turkey and it’s “snoozey” effects, I’ll be the only one with energy AFTER the meal! If you want energy too, keep reading for recipe ideas!

Newly Published Jewish Food Experience Article/Recipes

Drumroll…I’m back with lots of new writing to come…
Go to Jewish Food Experience dot com to hear about “Foraging in my Suburban Garden.”
There are two original recipes of mine to accompany the story… Both perfect for late summer, early autumn!

My annual dispatch from the Country!

“Gradyville is the place for me,     Green Acres theme song Amish neighbors and apple trees, Cows, chickens, horses and hay, Keep your a.c., I’m livin’ that country way. Goodbye, city and suburban life. Gradyville we are there” — With thanks to the          August 2011 Column

The Kitchen Sink/Garden

I’m once again in danger of having my blogger status taken away. But definitely not my mother, worker, be all things to all people totally overwhelmed typical female persona…status. J I had such baby brain the other day and was trying to go fast to get so much done I did something really hysterical and …