The Kitchen Sink/Garden

I’m once again in danger of having my blogger status taken away. But definitely not my mother, worker, be all things to all people totally overwhelmed typical female persona…status. J I had such baby brain the other day and was trying to go fast to get so much done I did something really hysterical and stupid. TMI for this blog, but now I want to hear other’s funny stories like this. Please write in! Of course, I say I’m overwhelmed, but I wouldn’t have things any other way because everything that’s in my life, which is a responsibility, is also a joy.

What will not be a joy is paying day school tuition!

Click here for my February Column, The Jewish Community Needs a Stimulus Plan. february-2009-column.pdf

Click below for my Presentense article about growing food at home. p. 34

Now that I finally have my own house and yard, I do want to grow my own food. But I already have a million outside of work hobbies, and of course most of my free time is spent with Avital, as it should be, and as I want it to be.

I have numerous offers of assistance to go buy pots, soil and seeds. In the meantime I’m ordering a weekly box from The quality of the produce is so much better than the grocery store. It has a completely different quality and really encourages me to eat more fruits and veggies, while making zero effort to go get it. If only other healthy habits were so easy!

I also have to figure out what flowers I want to plant for spring. I guess I shouldn’t give myself a hard time if I can’t get a whole landscaping/garden scheme going my first year in the house and first year with a baby.

Okay, off to buy stuff for Mishloach Manot… Avital has TWO purim costumes. One, a mermaid, thanks to Aunt Renee. And the other, a duck!, thanks to cousin Raquel. And the duck costumes came from her twins! I wish Avital’s first cousin was here to wear the other one with her. Can’t wait to show her off!

Avital had her first trip to Union Station the other day to see Aunt Renee who was in town. She wore her little poncho that someone hand-made for her and her jean skirt. Everyone was coming up to admire her. When I went to change her diaper, every woman who passed through the ladies room told me how cute she was. What can I say? We do good work!