Article in the Washington Jewish Week: Cooking Camp is a tasty way to spend the summer!

Check out the Washington Jewish Week article about the Healthy Family, Healthy You cooking camp! Pretty exciting for kids to have a Kosher cooking camp and a Vegan/Vegetarian cooking camp opportunity. And a Healthy Cooking Camp? Pretty unheard of!

When You’re Not the Only One Feeding Your Child (New Kveller Blog)

We all have plans for how our children will eat. The other parents will drool with jealousy over the varied and sophisticated palette of our little ones. They’ll run around the playground clutching carrot and celery sticks and turn their nose up at white bread. This works for a while, until your child leaves the house. Then it’s all over.

My annual dispatch from the Country!

“Gradyville is the place for me,     Green Acres theme song Amish neighbors and apple trees, Cows, chickens, horses and hay, Keep your a.c., I’m livin’ that country way. Goodbye, city and suburban life. Gradyville we are there” — With thanks to the          August 2011 Column