2 New WFPB Passover Recipes + Updated Pesach Guide

My two new whole foods plant-based (WFPB) Passover Recipes are going to change your life this Pesach! Get both of them in my updated Vegan Pesach Guide. Only two key ingredients needed: Almond Flour and White Quinoa. New WFPB Passover Recipe #1: Vegan Cheese Spread/Dip using Almond Flour Make this WFPB Passover recipe in less …

Healthy Pesach Tips + JEV Printable Passover Guide

Printable Passover Guide Looking for plant-based Passover recipes, tips and tricks? These are truly the simple, healthy, and delicious recipes and strategies I will use for my own family. Maybe you’re trying to accommodate a relative or help your relatives accommodate you? It’s all in the Jews Eat Veggies Printable Passover Guide. Included: The #1 viewed …

Hearts of Palm Pasta Primavera

Hearts of Palm Pasta Primavera

Here is a recipe I created by accident for Passover, but one in which I will now indulge in all year round. There’s nothing “pesachdik” about it. I just happened to discover this crazy can of hearts of palm “pasta” at Shalom’s Kosher while I was doing my Pesach shopping.

Recipe: Homemade Vegan Cream Cheese for Passover

Every year on Passover, I longingly watch everyone else eat matzah with cream cheese and jelly. I know that because the packaged vegan cream cheese is not kosher for Passover, I will have to wait until afterward Passover to eat my vegan cream cheese and jelly on matzah. Sigh…. As the seder asks, What is …

Pesach/All Holiday Printables are Here!

Welcome back to the insanity that is Passover (Pesach) preparation! Click the links below to see the Passover Preparation Printables I have for you. While these formats can absolutely be used for both everyday meal planning and every holiday planning, I use these specific excel spreadsheets for Passover. My ideas and resources can be used for any big meals-no need to be Jewish or observant.

5 Tips & a 1 ingredient recipe for a Sane and Healthy Passover!

If you read this blog, you’re probably looking for ways to eat well during Passover (or anytime!). Vegan or not (and let me tell you – it ain’t easy for Passover!), we all want fresh food with plenty of vitamins and fiber that won’t weigh us down like all the heavy matza and meat!
I’ve got the answer for you. How to have a healthy Pesach: eat raw food. Lucky for you and me, I have an amazing new resource that I

How to feel lighter after a two-day holiday (+Recipe)

Is it possible to feel lighter after a 2-day holiday? Yes! It is. Here’s how I did it.

Mega Pesach Post/Anytime Spa Menu!

Even if you don’t celebrate Passover, these recipes are light and delicious. Your Healthy Pesach Toolkit is here! Nice thoughts for a great week and previous Passover posts with tons of healthy recipes and tips! (from last week) and below…tools 2-4 Your Spa-like Passover Menu – 2 new HFHY veggie recipes – and my favorite …

Your NEW Healthy Passover/Anytime Toolkit

Tool 1. Here are your nice thoughts:

Most of the people who read the Healthy Family, Healthy You blog are NOT vegan, or maybe even vegetarian. That’s cool with me. I’m not here to force anyone to agree with me. I just want us all to be healthy together, as a community, and support one another while we’re trying.

So, during Passover, let’s try do that. Support one another. Eat healthfully. Use the week as an excuse to find as many ways to eat as many vegetables humanly possible. (You know, except for the ones that are kitniyot).