My two new whole foods plant-based (WFPB) Passover Recipes are going to change your life this Pesach! Get both of them in my updated Vegan Pesach Guide. Only two key ingredients needed: Almond Flour and White Quinoa.

New WFPB Passover Recipe #1: Vegan Cheese Spread/Dip using Almond Flour

Make this WFPB Passover recipe in less than 5 minutes and use it so many fun ways. Flavor it with your favorite herbs and spices. You’ll find the recipe in my Updated Vegan Pesach Guide.

  • As a dip for veggies, crackers or matzo
  • As a spread on your new Passover wrap (my other new recipe!)
  • As a cheese for matzo pizza

New WFPB Passover Recipe #2! Quinoa Wrap Recipe

Use this WFPB Passover recipe in so many delicious ways. You don’t have to eat matzo pizza for every non-yomtov meal! These wraps also make easy, filling meals to pack for a chol hamoed day out. After soaking one cup of raw white quinoa overnight, you’ll blend the quinoa with water, minced garlic, and salt. Spread on a parchment covered tray, sprinkle with any herbs you like (such as Italian blend), and bake. Slice into smaller flat breads or longer wraps. The amount of water you use will determine your result. Use less water for more of a flat bread and more water for more of a thin wrap.

  • Make as a pizza crust/flatbread. Then spread the almond cheese recipe above. Top with roasted vegetables and warm together in the oven. Add pizza sauce for more of a pizza experience.
  • Make the thinner batter (more water) and use it as a wrap. Wraps can be spread with the cheese and stuffed with roasted or raw vegetables. Roasted suggestions: Red onion, broccoli, peppers. Raw suggestions: Lettuce, tomatoes, pepper spears.

Other highlights from my Updated Pesach Guide

  • New Photos
  • Updated 2024 what doesn’t need KFP product Info
  • New Product Info and Links

Remember, on Pesach, when in doubt, eat real food! Treat yourself to something decadent like these rainbow tomatoes!

Here is the updated guide.

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