2 New WFPB Passover Recipes + Updated Pesach Guide

My two new whole foods plant-based (WFPB) Passover Recipes are going to change your life this Pesach! Get both of them in my updated Vegan Pesach Guide. Only two key ingredients needed: Almond Flour and White Quinoa. New WFPB Passover Recipe #1: Vegan Cheese Spread/Dip using Almond Flour Make this WFPB Passover recipe in less …

My #1 Tip for a Healthful Pesach made Easy

Just a few weeks to go…and I’m sure many of you are in full planning mode for Pesach (Passover). Your simple, healthy, Passover solution is here! I haven’t made it very easy on myself. I get better each year, but I feel like this year is a real turning point.
So here is my #1 tip to make your life easier and the mantra I am going to repeat to myself for the next month….

Mega Pesach Post/Anytime Spa Menu!

Even if you don’t celebrate Passover, these recipes are light and delicious. Your Healthy Pesach Toolkit is here! Nice thoughts for a great week and previous Passover posts with tons of healthy recipes and tips! (from last week) and below…tools 2-4 Your Spa-like Passover Menu – 2 new HFHY veggie recipes – and my favorite …

Celebrate Passover like Mayim Bialik! + Healthy Tips

Oh, Mayim Bialik, you are responsible for my downfall! The Chocolate Truffle Pie that I linked to in my Healthy Passover post was total crack!

Healthy Passover Recipes? Yes!

I look at the week as a great opportunity to do a few things that I try to do the rest of the year (maybe I’ll do a little better though…):
1. Stay away from processed vegan foods (like the sour cream, cream cheese, and fake meats)
2. Be adventurous with vegetables!