(Written for a specific publication that didn’t have room for it at the last minute. So, dear readers…here you go!)

You wouldn’t know it from the increasing number of Jewish farmers, CSA’s and humanely-raised kosher meat sources, but matzah is actually the only mitzvah that we eat today. Naga Bakehouse in Middletown, VT hand-shapes and bakes matzah made from local organic grains.

Vermatzah blends Doug Freilich and Julie Sperling’s interests in farming, sustainable agriculture and baking, while celebrating their Jewish heritage. They have baked their artisan matzah in small batches for five years. Doug and Julie are proud of their family-run wood-fired bakery, “Our kids are an integral part of everything we do: planting, harvesting, gathering wood, baking and selling…”

“[Although not under Rabbinic Supervision] Vermatzah is ‘eco-kosher,’ a term coined by Rabbi Arthur Waskow…capturing the holistic elements of sustainable agriculture and responsible stewardship of our planet.” A portion of proceeds are donated to the Vermont Food Bank. Order online or find NY, VT and MA retail locations at www.vermatzah.com.