Healthy Pesach Tips + JEV Printable Passover Guide

Printable Passover Guide Looking for plant-based Passover recipes, tips and tricks? These are truly the simple, healthy, and delicious recipes and strategies I will use for my own family. Maybe you’re trying to accommodate a relative or help your relatives accommodate you? It’s all in the Jews Eat Veggies Printable Passover Guide. Included: The #1 viewed …

My #1 Tip for a Healthful Pesach made Easy

Just a few weeks to go…and I’m sure many of you are in full planning mode for Pesach (Passover). Your simple, healthy, Passover solution is here! I haven’t made it very easy on myself. I get better each year, but I feel like this year is a real turning point.
So here is my #1 tip to make your life easier and the mantra I am going to repeat to myself for the next month….

Your Go-to Recipe for Passover is Here! Paleo/Gluten-Free/Vegan

Not, raw, (see Passover Part I post here) but something healthier (than the usual Pesach fare…) I’m looking forward to making for Pesach (instead of matzo meal pancakes or matzo brei), is this recipe my sister shared with me. The recipe is either for “Paleo naan” or a paleo (or Passover!) crepe/pancake. Recipe from

Your NEW Healthy Passover/Anytime Toolkit

Tool 1. Here are your nice thoughts:

Most of the people who read the Healthy Family, Healthy You blog are NOT vegan, or maybe even vegetarian. That’s cool with me. I’m not here to force anyone to agree with me. I just want us all to be healthy together, as a community, and support one another while we’re trying.

So, during Passover, let’s try do that. Support one another. Eat healthfully. Use the week as an excuse to find as many ways to eat as many vegetables humanly possible. (You know, except for the ones that are kitniyot).

Entertain the kids using healthy foods! Your Healthy Pesach 2016!

Have a healthy Pesach 2016. If you’re looking for healthy seder entertainment for children, look no further! These fruit and vegetable children’s projects are also great activities for during the entire holiday – a lot better than sitting around eating dry, processed, sugar-filled cakes and cookies. Have a healthy Passover with these activities and ideas.

10 Healthy Passover Short Cuts! Just for you!

If you’re looking for Passover shortcuts, read this blog post! I take pride in the fact that my guests leave my house full, but not sick to their stomachs. Passover should be no different! I’m in full recipe gathering mode. This time of year I’m less inclined to work on developing my own recipes. It’s …