If you’re looking for healthy children’s entertainment for your seder (or any time), look no further! Take inspiration from my fun and busy Sunday entertaining kids at the Jewish Food Experience/Moti’s Market pre-Passover Open House featuring local chefs. This was my first time conducting one of my fruit funshops in a super market, and we had a blast.

These fruit and vegetable children’s projects are also great activities for during the entire holiday – a lot better than sitting around eating dry, processed, sugar-filled cakes and cookies.

Here are a few pictures with the talented kids who visited my table and then, below, links to all of the fun tools we used! You can do it too! They made space ships, cars, people, rainbow kabobs, cucumber kabobs, and more. From ages 3-13, from JPDS, Alef Bet Montessori and B’nai Shalom in Fairfax, VA; they made multiple fruit and veggie projects and ATE them!

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Here are some of the tools we used. Simply click on the links to order them for your healthy passover activities.

In addition, I’m currently scheduling camp, school, shul and birthday party fruit funshops for the summer and fall. Reserve your spot now! Be in touch on Facebook or by email Natasha@HealthyFamilyHealthyYou.com.

Children’s sized skewers

Vegetti Spiralizer

Animal shape cutters

Fry knife

Flower shape cutters

Also, here is a pack of kid safe knives

Finally, here are links to the trays I used for my healthy mishloach manot this year, that I suggested in last week’s blog that you use as hostess gifts. Perfect for a healthy pesach meal. Also, let your children make their own at home or bring a tray and fruits and veggies for the kids to arrange themselves at the meal you are attending. Instant healthy entertainment! Let me know how it goes.

Fun colored trays

Single tray option