How to feel lighter after a two-day holiday (+Recipe)

Is it possible to feel lighter after a 2-day holiday? Yes! It is. Here’s how I did it.

The Recipe for Preventing (& Reversing) Holiday Weight Gain

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain! You can do it!
3 mistakes and 3 solutions
Last week I wrote about staying healthy during Rosh Hashanah. Those tips apply to all holiday, high, low, Jewish or not.

Start your Healthy New Year with a Healthy Holiday!

At Rosh Hashanah we wish one another a happy, healthy and sweet new year. Unfortunately, sometimes the sweet is a bit too much of the focus! Heavy, calorie and meat-laden meals are not the best way to start a happy and healthy New Year! We think that tons of sweets and big meals will make us happy, but in the end they don’t…not in a physical or mental way.

Call me a lunatic…or call me for help! Part I


I admit that sometimes I know I sound like a crazy person. Who says dairy products are unhealthy for kids or unnecessary for someone with osteoporosis? Who says (in front of their friend the butcher) that lean turkey is unhealthy? Well…I do!

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See my Rosh Hashanah personal essay for the On Faith blog, a joint project of Newsweek and And here’s the pdf… A New Mother’s Holiday Vow By Natasha Rosenstock In my single days I would attend multiple classes designed to help me figure out my character flaws and work to make myself a …