And..coming up for air…

I’m back! Even as I am enjoying my new role as a mom, I’ve written previously how shocked I am to be a wife and mom in the burbs – and liking it! At the same time, I’m still a feminist. This Cox Communications commercial is making me sick. Has anyone else seen it? This guy is telling the screen about buying his wife Cox phone service for some special occasion gift. She’s in the background calling everyone she knows to tell them about it. He’s telling the audience at home that HE pays the bills, so it’s important to him to get a good deal. Meanwhile his chatty Cathy wife is still yapping in the background. This isn’t like how they still tell moms they’re no good if they don’t buy Jif for their kids. This is beyond the pale. It’s his tone especially.

Speaking of commercials, check out my friend Steve, the only man in this commercial, just one of the million nasty commercials a day everyone in the “tri-state” area is subjected to for the Virginia congressional race. Between that and the President’s race commercials, its wall to wall he said/he said around here. But the commercial Steve is in highlights the Republican’s anti-choice views, so I’m all for it.

In election news, I wrote another election column in an effort to not write about babies and suburbs. October Election Column

I know the WJW hired me to be a single in the city columnist and now I’m married in the burbs. Not only that but three out of the four Capitol Schmoozing columnists are married and living in Potomac. So I’m avoiding this subject at all costs. I did however put in the birth announcement.

Avital’s Birth Announcement

I wrote all about my wedding in my column but was too crazed around it to ever put in an announcement. Now I’ll never have a wedding announcement in an old album to look back at. Scott still hasn’t forgiven me. He (and Avital) did however get me a beautiful gold and diamond bracelet as my “prize” (my word, not his) for having the baby. I was teasing him that he would have even given it to me if I had asked for the epidural. J