Slash is the best b-day present!

I apologize in advance if I’m a little incoherent…some day soon I’ll sleep more and get my brain cells back…

I might be 32 today but I’m not too old for homemade macaroni and cheese and my favorite cake. Good thing my mom is here. She doesn’t have to ship me a cake this year! Lani and I are also going to experiment with the ice cream machine and make real orange sorbet. Sometimes it’s so exciting to eat something homemade without sodium benzoate, guar gum of color # whatever. Not orange flavored, but real oranges. And now that we have this suburban set up with an extra fridge and freezer, we have space to use the ice cream maker and put it in the freezer.

Avital and I had a long night. Scott brought her to my mom this morning so I could sleep for a couple of hours after he went to work. He left a birthday card labeled “Mama” in her bassinet and one labeled “Tasha” in my cell phone so I would find it. After my “push prize” white gold and diamond bracelet, I don’t need any more gifts. The cards were amazing, especially receiving my first one from Avital!

I felt so bad this morning. I hung up on a call I thought was a sales call. Then I received a gorgeous bouquet from Scott (and Avital) and it was from the company I hung up on, according to the caller i.d. Oops. I also yelled at a guy yesterday for taking pictures of the house. He was just doing comps in the neighborhood for someone’s sale. I have to stop being mean. I don’t have much patience these days. I’m saving it all to go with the flow with Avital. We have been getting so many sales calls and had some shady people stop by to try to sell us some work on the house. So I was operating from there and not giving any new people the benefit of the doubt.

Rachael is here and taking gorgeous pictures of Avital! I’ve posted an album on Facebook. Here is a sample. I’m so happy we’ll always have artistic family portraits. We’ll never have to go to Sears! After I lose this baby weight, I’ll even let her take a picture of me! In the meantime, Avital is gorgeous enough for both of us.

Avital is also aka Slash. A friend started calling her Avital/Slash/Molly and then Lani and Michael started calling her Slash. I’ve always wanted a little punk baby. She really looks like a Slash when we put her hair in a faux hawk and put her in her sweater leggings (from CPW on the Upper West Side) and her cashmere sweater (a gift from Jenny Chase).

I’ve always laughed at people who bought expensive clothes for their kids. But seeing how she looks in that cashmere sweater, and one look at the sharp Burberry baby jackets (I would buy one in my size) at Nordstrom the other day, and I get it. I’d have to have a lot of disposable income to feel comfortable buying a $200 jacket for a baby who can only wear it for a few months… but I admit that if I did, I would buy it.

We meant to change her into the sweater outfit in the middle of her party but we just forgot. Since then she’s had the celebrity stylist experience. Yesterday she had her first photo shoot and Lani was here to dress her and do her hair (and mom’s makeup). She may be pretty out of control by the time she is a teenager with treatment like this! She’s going to simply expect shopping trips to New York with Aunt Lani! Lol… She can go, as long as she stays out of Bergdorf’s!