I’ve felt way too much pressure in starting this blog. What’s important enough for the first topic? Leon Wieseltier recently said something funny about blogging and the ridiculousness of journalists, or anyone else for that matter, thinking that our initial thoughts and unedited musings are suddenly brilliant because its now called something (“blogging”) rather than simply being considered a first draft. That’s a mix of his and my thoughts… but his entire keynote presentation to the American Jewish Press Association was brilliantly quotable. It also caused me to think to so much that now my thoughts and his are intermingled. So Leon, forgive me for any distortion.

Speaking of brilliant writers, I just spent three wonderful days at the Washington DCJCC Writer’s Workshop. The usual inspiring teachers were back. Faye Moskowitz, Michelle Brafman and Miriam Morsel Nathan.

Besides the renewed creative energy and ideas, I also got to see a friend I made at the Hazon Food Conference last year. I remembered when I got there that I had met a girl named Netts. Her husband helps to run the organic farm at Pearlstone. Last year the Hazon Food Conference was at another beautiful retreat center. Isabella Freedman in Connecticut. This year it will be in Monterey, CA over xmas. I am hoping to return – although not have to watch a goat slaughter this time. It was good for three newspaper covers…but was it worth it? Jury is still out!

This week Jews observed Tisha B’Av, a day of mourning for the destruction of the Temple. It may be hard to relate to animal sacrifices in an ancient temple, but its easy to mourn the loss of a center of a community and a nation.


What about our own center? We know most of us won’t get a three week European summer vacation, where we can truly unwind. Quick weekends away are becoming almost pointless because it takes a day just to recover from the stress of air travel and power-hungry TSA morons.


Try one day an hour from the city to re-discover the possibilities of your brain, your spirit and your life. Then find a way to incorporate that into your life every day for 10 minutes. We all waste ten minutes. Whatever your passion is – whatever you like to do – even if that’s just to THINK about what you want to think about – not what your boss wants you to – give it ten minutes a day. Then build to ten minutes twice per day. Close your eyes and let inspiration come to you. If we don’t allow our minds to wander, they will never discover anything.