Moving Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is moving day. Tonight I came home to the house 99% packed up by the movers. Fantastic! Well, almost.

Items packed, although they knew we were staying one more night:

My clothes for tomorrow

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Toilet paper

Wet towels from the bathroom

Bathroom soap

Laundry bag

Not packed:

Shower cap

Dental floss

Soap in the kitchen.

Bliss body scrub


I opened a couple of the boxes marked “bathroom,” and found my toothbrush, toothpaste and the soap for the bathroom. Of course, because I’ve got my suitcase purse I have Kleenex and antibacterial stuff in it so I was never in huge danger of going dirty. And before I found the box with the containers of facial wash and body wash (with only a drop left in them so I specifically requested they stay unpacked to just use up before we go) I saw that my Dr. Bronners in the kitchen was about to come in handy. Again, good thing I’m so crazy and have lots of soap everywhere!

And tomorrow, once again I get to go to work and show up in the afternoon when the movers have put everything in the house. And to think I’ve been stressed about UNpacking! So I’ll count my blessings and not be annoyed that the painters chose to take today off instead of actually finishing the entire inside before we moved in (and three weeks behind schedule). And the light fixtures are mostly lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. 🙂 It should all be fixed in the next few days. And even if its not, the gorgeous paint colors I picked will make up for a slight delay.


Okay, time to stay awake for the first time all week for these convention speeches. I can’t believe this is the last night of my life in a rental apartment!


Places lived before college: 18

Places lived during college: 4

Places lived after college: 5


Places I intend to live for the next 30 years: 1!