Redemption for the Metro!

It finally happened, and I even told her she was going to be famous. So nice lady…first one to finally offer me a seat on the metro…here is your credit! Thanks!

I didn’t even feel like I needed it and I would have gotten my own seat after a few stops, but I was just so excited that someone actually offered me their seat, I said yes. She wasn’t so young or fit herself, but I felt like I had to say yes because she made the kind gesture.

Was that so weird that I told her about the blog? Maybe because I don’t know if she knew what one was… told you she wasn’t young. But not so old that she should have been offered the seat herself!

In other news, I drove myself to the metro today, parked and rode downtown. And then I went to the grocery store after work. A real one – not the bodega downstairs. OMG I am so officially suburban! Now if only the painters would finish only a month behind schedule, I could be left alone (well, w/scott and almost baby…) in my suburban house. That will be much nicer than coming home to make new to-do lists for the painters every day…especially because they keep saying it will be their last day here…and then they never do anything on the list! Did it take all day to put screens up? I don’t think so!