Finally, I catch a break. My favorite movie “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,”is on. I caught the finale on some TV station I’ve never heard of. I have to do something to stay awake while the Roto-Rooter guy does his thing outside. Ah, the joys of home ownership. Just when I promised I would never receive another delivery or service person again! And of course it’s the only night Scott has to go out of town before we have the baby. I will be so happy when we don’t have delivery people traipsing mud in and out of the house. I just want to wash the floor and be able to walk in my own house in my bare feet! Every time we wash it, the cleanliness lasts for about ten minutes until the next problem or next service person comes in. Friday I had four delivery/service guys arrive at one time and of course there was a problem with every single one. So they were yelling at me, I was yelling at Scott, he was yelling at their three companies and them. Somehow, though he solved all of it over the phone. So I had to bear the brunt here, but it all got fixed and they all apologized for being wrong and did what they were supposed to.

Today we had a hurricane – hence the Roto-Rooter guy is back. Talk about an immediate test of the six month warranty they gave us last week!

My big suburban moment of Friday… I drove the car to the grocery store in the middle of the day. In my pajamas. Please don’t send “What Not to Wear” after me! My fashion stylist sister will be here soon and make sure I don’t leave the house like that again. After my physically and mentally stressful morning I was thrilled I could get my shoes and socks on by myself for the first time in a few weeks (also…on Thursday I was such a wreck from the week that my socks didn’t fit. My socks!!! Now those are gross, swollen feet. I feel like a Neanderthal with club feet…). Changing my pants was just way too much to contemplate. And you’re lucky I didn’t really go all out like the people rescued on WNTW and I put gym shoes, not slippers on. At this point my slippers are the only shoes that really fit me, so it was a toss-up.

I’m having all these suburban “firsts,” which are really just routine life for so many other people. But it’s new to me. I was wondering if going to the store during the day would be like when I watch “Take Home Chef.” He always goes to fancy grocery stores in the middle of the day so he finds rich, stay at home moms with amazing gourmet kitchens. But truthfully, I was so tired I didn’t even notice who was in the store or the parking lot. And it was just the Giant, not even Whole Foods. Of course, this life won’t last long since my maternity leave is only 6 weeks and I’ll probably be sending everyone else to the store during that time.

Can we seriously talk about how amazing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is? It is the best movie ever. It takes place in Chicago, has amazing music, dancing and gymnastics. It would be perfect if the filming of the punk scenes had actually taken place in Chicago instead of LA. Come to think of it, I can’t think of more than a few scenes that probably were actually filmed in Chicago.

My friends in the movie and television business – can you get me a copy of the long lost, but allegedly existent soundtrack? I’ve never gone out and bought a dvd of a movie. Mostly I don’t have time to watch new movies, much less re-watch old ones and listen to the actors’ insights 20 years later. But for this one – I would. The problem is that Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker are embarrassed they did the movie and definitely wouldn’t encourage or participate in a behind the scenes. I have to look up whatever happened to the mail lead… everyone else went on to bigger things. Well, not Natalie Sands. I saw her in a Payless commercial once. But Shannon Doherty and Jonathan Silverman also made it big.

End of incoherency for the night…more tomorrow on Matthue Roth’s amazing last two books.