Tv works for me

I hate to see that I feel a little bit better knowing that I may not have seen or heard anything even if I had made it downtown today. See my friend David Donadio’s blog. Michael, my colleague and Lani’s boyfriend, is the lifelong Democrat friend.

All day I just couldn’t get over how weird it is that a Dem was finally elected and I had nothing to do with it. Not that I’m so important – just that I didn’t feel part of the process in any way. There’s a reason Washington is made up of so many young people. Half the Capitol Hill workforce is under 25. We were idealistic, energetic, and willing to work 18 hours a day. Now I just have different priorities – like taking care of Avital 18 hours a day. J

I even turned down invites to parties tonight. I never would have believed that 4 or 8 years ago that I wouldn’t be partying all night when the Dems finally won. Instead I’m trying to catch up on work because of my migraine from yesterday. Thrilling I know.

I get all my thrills these days from my 10 pound munchkin’s smiles, giggles and coos. I’m okay with that. I’ve done enough partying all night for a few inaugurations. J