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We all know studies have shown that married couples who share religious beliefs, practices, and values have an easier time maintaining a successful relationship. What about food values? This also matters.

First it’s just about the two of you. Then you have kids. That united front every child development expert will tell you to present, should probably include food. That has proven easier said than done in my house. I think we’ve become experts at the art of compromise.

I was an off and on (mostly on) again vegetarian when I met my husband. Eventually my squeamish meat/chicken eating (i.e. no bones, liver, etc…) turned into only eating meat on Shabbat, and then mostly not even then. A few years ago I re-committed to vegetarianism. I’ve been pretty consistent, minus ingesting chicken soup a few times when I was super sick. Now I can’t even stomach that.

In fact, after reading numerous Dr. Joel Fuhrman books, including Eat to Live and Disease-Proof Your Children and The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II, I’m convinced that eating any animal products, fat-free, organic or not, is unhealthy. I can’t even convince my husband to buy all organic dairy. The idea of not giving our children any meat, dairy, or eggs sounds insane to most people, including him.

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