New Kveller Blog: How to Use Tu Bishvat to Help Kids Stop Wasting Food!

You’ll never hear me tell my kids to join the “clean plate club.” Have you ever become frustrated at how much your kids waste or wondered if it really is as much as you think it is? How convenient then that we can use Tu Bishvat, the Jewish “Birthday of the Trees,” as an opportunity to reduce their wastefulness. Here’s what you can do at home.

Hazon Blog up on New York Jewish Week

Just as hip chefs love to subvert classic dishes, so did the participants at this week’s Hazon Food Conference take a careful look at the “New Jewish Food Movement” that the conference helped birth and has supported over the seven years of its existence.

Live from the Hazon Food Conference! Day 2

I am so vindicated. Gil Marks, Rabbi, Chef, Writer and literally a walking Encyclopedia (he wrote The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food!) told the crowd today that one only cooks with Italian flat leaf parsley. The curly kind is only for garnish. I have been saying this for years and I think there are a number of people in my life who thought I was crazy, a food snob, or both.

Kveller: The New Jewish Food Commandments

The New Jewish Food Commandments (Originally published December 2010, inspired by the 2010 Hazon Food Conference) Guidelines to ensure that fresh, local, and environmentally friendly food lands on your kids’ plates By Natasha Rosenstock Most of us are familiar with the Ten Commandments (or at least the Charlton Heston movie) and know all about those …