Day 1 

Live from the Hazon Food Conference! Just made a vegan hot toddy, pickled my own vegetables to take home, started mung bean sprouts, made Slash her own sweet orange beeswax lip balm, and… is that enough? Phew! I’m tired. But I can’t go to sleep now. I’m on my own without the kids and so excited to use my time to work! Huh? Yes, this is what it has come to. I’m thrilled to get time off from life’s responsibilities to “work”. I think it’s because if I’m just having fun, of course I’d rather be with the kids! It is just hard to do the work part with them.

It was so wonderful to experience it last year with the whole family and expose them to the healthy food and environment here. Looking at the second year in a row of pouring rain (no snow yet!) and mud, I’m not sorry I’m by myself. Let them be cozy and warm at home.

Next: Click on the Hazon Food Conference tag to see past articles from the conference. It’s hard to even isolate articles that were just about the conference since so much of it influences my writing, blogs and articles throughout the year. This year I’ll be blogging for the NY Jewish Week and might pitch an article on the Hazon Shmita Project to the Jewish Press. I’ve also got a couple of Kveller blogs up my sleeve.

In the meantime, I’m looking for ways to partner with others and build community through my upcoming Healthy Family Healthy You book and find out what the “New Jewish Food Movement” wants to see in a future book about themselves.

Tonight, aside from the aforementioned activities, I discovered that Rav Kook was a vegetarian and I’m looking forward to learning more about that. I also polished up (I mean, started to learn…) my knife skills with Eli Margulies and learned about Joan Nathan’s upcoming cookbook, King Solomon’s Table.

Tomorrow, I’ll start my day with yoga, then Feeding the Temple of the Soul: Jewish Perspectives on Food as Medicine, cook some Ethiopian food with Gil Marks, see how the Adamah Farm will observe the Shmita year, cook Eggplant Around the World with Joan Nathan, and I think I might be making a winter tonic tea with some tree bark out back. 🙂 There is so much more… No wonder they sell out every year!

See you back here again tomorrow and look for a post shortly with much more information about the Healthy Family, Healthy You book, pre-sales and bonus content!