(Off Topic) Alternative Jewish Education cover story in Kol haBirah

I know some of my subscribers/readers don’t live by me, aren’t Jewish, only want healthful recipes, etc… But for everyone else… I wanted to share with you my latest published feature article in the new DC area Jewish newspaper, Kol HaBirah. Jewish parents may choose to send their child to a secular school, whether public …

New Kol HaBirah Cover Story: Teen Addiction

For those of you who only subscribe to my blog for healthy family tips and easy kosher and/or vegan recipes, I apologize for the lack of a recipe or tip today. But no one can have a healthy family with an addiction problem, and I did come to this whole food thing through journalism, so I hope you enjoy reading some of my journalistic endeavors here and there.

Two new published articles for Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

I’m very proud to share with you two new articles that I put a lot of heart and soul into. They are both for a new Jewish publication in the DC area called, Kol HaBirah, Voice of the Capitol. One is about Sunflower Bakery’s professional training programs for young adults with learning differences, and the other is about the Miami Marathon fundraising trip for Friendship Circle of Maryland.