Calling all Recipe Testers! New Section Ready!

I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I am working so hard on The Healthy Family, Healthy You book! I haven’t stopped creating great ideas and recipes for you! I just want to get this book to you ASAP!

So, I wanted to give you, my dear readers, an update.

  • The book is written! I am editing the recipes (which may make up about half of the book) and sending them out for testing. After that, the entire book will go to the publisher for a final review and then the copy editor. Then you!
  • The appetizers are out for testing already.
  • Today I am sending out the breakfast recipes for testing!

If you would like to be a tester, go to my Facebook page and tell me which recipe(s) you are interested in testing. I’m taking volunteers today and sending out the chapter tonight!

What you get for becoming part of the Healthy Mama recipe testing team:

  • Immediately, you will receive all of the recipes in that section, not just the one or two you are testing.
  • When the recipe testing is finished, if you’ve tested 5 or more recipes,  you’ll receive your own electronic copy of ALL of the recipes-the entire section (about half the book!). Of course, I hope you’ll buy the whole book for yourself, your friends and family! However, I know how much easier it is to search for a recipe or ingredient in a document, rather than on paper.

So, go ahead, volunteer to be on the Healthy Mama Team! Go to my Facebook page and you’ll find the list of recipes up for testing today.

Status Report:

Appetizers – Out for testing

Breakfasts – Up for grabs! Going out for testing now!

Additional sections, up next! Currently in final editing stages!

  • Smoothies
  • Salads
  • Side dishes
  • Main meals
  • Desserts

Remember, go to my Facebook page to see the list of current recipes up for grabs and tell me which one you want in the comments!

Looking forward to hearing from you!