So fun for kids and families!

I’m so verklempt! I just received the nicest testimonial ever from Nechamie Geisinsky, who runs Camp Gan Israel of Bethesda. See below and let me know if your child’s camp or school wants a Fruit Funshop!

We absolutely love Natasha’s fruit and veggie art funshop. Natasha is a gifted individual who is able to make the kids really excited about eating healthy food. The children love experimenting and playing with the fruit and veggies and most of all they can’t wait to eat it. Natasha is extremely engaging and dynamic and has all the kids glued to her and carefully listening to what she’s saying. The Instructions are very clear and simple and fun for the kids to do. The workshops are very hands on and multi-sensory. She chooses age appropriate activities that are both cool and delicious! Our campers are always asking when it’s fruit and veggie art time. This funshop is truly every parents dream!

-Co-Director of Camp Gan Israel of Bethesda, Nechama Geisinsky

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Fruit Funshop Info Sheet

Looking for a fun and healthy program for your school, camp, children’s or family group?

Look no further than my interactive Fruit Funshops!

Results you can expect!

The children will laugh, learn and create fun projects; all while unconsciously creating a playful relationship with fruits and vegetables. This will increase the quality of their health and make their parents’ lives much easier! They’ll come home excited about what they created at the funshop and open to trying new foods.

Choose from my top 5 project options, provide your own suggestions or requests.

Contact me now to discuss your custom program for the last week of camp or for the fall!

Natasha Nadel