Here is a fun idea – perfect timing for Superbowl Sunday. If you didn’t know what to bring to the party, here you go!
Those of you who have my books know that in my cookbook I have salads named after my sister and my daughter Рbecause they created them. You can also have a salad named after you Рwhether it is only known by your immediate family  Рor posted on this blog!

Don’t forget to email me your creation or post it to my Facebook page.

There are a couple of reasons to create your own signature salad.
1st, it’s fun!
2nd, it’s really fun to have a dish named after you that your family asks for. For example, especially for kids, this can be your dish you make for the family every Friday night. Children love having responsibilities, especially when it was their idea. (Don’t worry, you can make suggestions and exercise your discretion so you don’t end up with a sour bear salad!)

I have a formula to make it easy for you to create your own signature salad.

Create your own Signature Salad (Word doc)

Create your own Signature Salad (PDF)

Here is some inspiration to create your own signature salad – from Plant Miami, the incredible raw vegan kosher restaurant I went to after completing the Miami half marathon on behalf of Friendship Circle. Not pictured…the churros and key lime pie desserts (or the cauliflower sous vide “steak”, but you’re not missing that one, are you?)! We ordered family style to taste as many dishes as possible.