You have the chance to support (and receive fabulous goods in return) a wonderful enterprise that encompasses all of the goals and values of the Healthy Mamas out there. Get your pre-order in now to make this happen!

From Marci Heit, creator of Q.D. Foodie!

Q.D. Foodie has reached 82% of its funding goal on Kickstarter, with 7 more days to go! (Campaign runs until Thursday June 7)

Q.D. Foodie is the first inclusive and super fun kitchen tool collection, and with a little more support, it’ll be ready this fall. Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools have easy grip, sensory friendly handles, braille on the measuring pieces and bright, engaging colors that attract a wide range of kids, allowing them to work together in the kitchen, gain cooking and social skills, make healthier choices and develop more independence. We’re proud to say that Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools make making food (even) more fun for everyone!

Please help me bring Q.D. Foodie to the world by pledging to the campaign and sharing the link. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Leket and to the Houston Food Bank.

Thank you SO much to all of those who have contributed to the campaign, so far. I’m eternally grateful for your wonderful kindness and generosity!