Summer 2021 is only a few months away!  I’m so proud of how well the kids did in virtual camp last summer. This year I will hold BOTH online and in-person Summer 2021 Cooking Camp. 

Session #1 June 21-25, 2021. 3pm-5pm Make Your Family Dinner Camp! ONLINE Register Here Dinner planning and prep is done for the week!  Campers will cook both a dinner and dessert EVERY DAY!

Session #2 August 16-20, 2021. 1pm-4pm IN PERSON TWEEN/TEEN Kosher Cooking Camp at my Kosher home in Potomac, MD. Rising 5th-12th graders.
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ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE. Bring home a Family Taste Test Kit every day! Mask-wearing strictly required and other Covid-precautions, such as distancing, wearing gloves, will be adhered to. In addition, I am already fully vaccinated.

I look forward to seeing your children’s smiling faces in the kitchen this summer! (All food will be plant-based. Most allergies can be accommodated).

See the Washington Jewish Week article about my Kosher Cooking Camp!

P.S. My kitchen is fully Kosher and all recipes will be plant-based.

What: Summer 2021 Kosher Cooking Camp

When: June 21-25

Online Make your Family Dinner Camp 3pm-5pm

Who: Recommended Ages: 4th grade and up. Flexible for virtual, as long as a parent/caregiver is willing to supervise.


When: August 16-20, 2021

In-person Teen Kosher Cooking Camp 1pm-4pm, at my home in Potomac, MD (Bring home a family taste test package everyday!).

Who: Entering 7th – 12 grade.

Camp Praise from Parents

She had the best week and is still talking about it!

I am ecstatic that my daughter will attend your camp again! She had such an amazing time and still talks about it.

Wow! My daughter said she had a blast – I can see why!

My daughter said EVERYTHING was delicious!

I am amazed by how enthusiastic and adventurous my “extremely picky eater” has been this week.  Things she would not touch with a ten-foot pole in my house she came home raving about. [PS, her older siblings are not at all picky, so I have always been quite stymied by her – but apparently you have the magic touch].  :-)”

My son is learning a ton and really enjoying your camp!

My child loved the cooking camp! Thank you for creating such an amazing experience for all of them.

Wow, you made so many amazing, delicious and creative dishes, plus art work.

My son had a BLAST!

The girls are *loving* cooking camp. I can’t believe how much you do with them! Daughter #3 has been inspired to do more cooking/food prep on her own. And one evening Daughter #1 made “Miss Natasha Cookies” with Daughter #3 – 100% on their own, no one else even allowed in the kitchen!

Natasha is awesome, creative, a great chef and so funny, not to mention fun!

Thank you for these newsletters! I love reading them! It is like I am going to camp vicariously thru the children!

My son has had a great week!! Again!! Thank U!

From Campers

This is the best food I’ve ever eaten.

I like eating delicious healthy food that I got to make myself!

It’s healthy but just as good as the unhealthy versions.

This is the best camp. I’m coming back every year!

This has made me so much less of a picky eater. I want to try everything…and I like it.

It’s really fun. I think was really cool to see the kids let out all their creativity. Mrs. Nadel really lets the kids be creative and give their input into the activities.

Virtual Camp

“OMG, my son is eating spinach. He can’t get enough of the strawberry dressing!”

“Thank you for an amazing week of cooking (and yummy food!). The girls had a great time! My youngest got her confidence up and my oldest loved being in the kitchen and trying new things. As the week went on, she was making things for lunch, inspired by your dinner menu. It was great!”

“My kids started this camp as beginners with not much cooking experience. Both have become much more confident using knives and measuring tools and cooking on the stovetop during this camp. They are excited and proud to taste their creations.”

“This camp was loads of fun. Spending time with my son, cooking delicious healthy food for our family was a true joy. We learned a lot about cooking technique and healthy eating to boot!”

Daphne’s Story

Miss Natasha’s class taught me a lot. In five days, I learned how to make so many recipes, and I improved not just as a cook, but as a person too.  During class, Miss Natasha, my classmates, my sous-chef/mom, and I made a lot of recipes. In doing so, I got to use some ingredients I never heard of before, never mind put in a recipe! Being in her class taught me what these items were, and how to use them.

While making all the recipes, we had to use the oven, stove, microwave, food processor, and Vitamix. Some of these I wasn’t accustomed to using, but the class made me more comfortable using them. For instance, I never would have thought of using a food processor to make a dough! In Miss Natasha’s class, she would tell us tips and tell us why these foods were healthy, and how they were healthier than the foods we already eat. Because of that, I am better at making healthier food choices and finding appropriate substitutes.

Some people that know me may find this surprising, but I have time management problems-especially in the kitchen. Sometimes it takes me hours to make a simple dish in the kitchen! During Miss Natasha’s class, we had two hours to make four dishes-no more no less-for five days. It put me in a spot, but it was good for me. Not only did I get much better at moving quickly, but I learned to multitask – with one thing in the oven, another on the stove, something in the blender, and veggies being chopped, there was a lot! That experience has changed my life forever, it was like another family. Miss Natasha quickly made me feel like I belonged. I felt comfortable asking her questions. THANK YOU MISS NATASHA!!!!