Looking for a Healthy Dinner in 10 minutes? Look no further!

For my second vegan Passover this past year, I was determined not to starve! :)- Not that I really starved the year before – I just didn’t have a lot of options. I googled “vegan passover” and what did I find? www.veganpassover.com! This fabulous domain name is owned by Rena Reich, a vegan blogger in Israel (formerly of Texas). I loved her vegan Passover e-cookbook and we quickly became online “friends.” She recently asked me to guest blog for her and here is what we published this week!


Vegan Start

10 Minute Taco Bar

You come home from work or carpool or kids’ afterschool activities and have no idea what’s for dinner. Put down the box of pizza bagels! There is a different 10 minute family dinner that will give you lots of protein and veggies! It’s even quicker than ordering pizza! Here is your new go-to 10 minute dinner, with ingredients that are pretty easy to keep on hand, or use for something else if you never get around to making the tacos. We all need as much flexibility as we can, right?

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Get the recipe here!