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For my book launch event, I talked about how, as a community, we can transform each others lives. What if we didn’t have to feel guilty and disgusting after a Shabbat or yuntof (holiday) meal? What if we didn’t put our friends and family in the position of having to make difficult decisions at every meal? What if we didn’t feel like we were set up for failure at every meal? What if we could make hearty, healthy meals where our guests leave full, satisfied, and happy, instead of miserable and hating themselves? We have the power to do that.

I told the attendees that I’ve done that with the heartiest of 6 foot 3 meat eaters and you can too.

I’m eager to hear about how we can work together to support your community.
If you looking for a fundraising event that is also inspirational and educational and supports or transforms the health of your community members, talk to me today (even if you aren’t in the DC area).

Supporting your community in a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is priceless!

Are you a…

Raising money for a cause, organization or event?

Show your community you care about them at the same time you provide a fun bonding event with real value and healthy support – and raise needed funds with my easy fundraising formula/event plan.

Email me at to start a conversation about your goals and what would be best for your organization. I will then send you more details and my specific recommendations.

Example Workshops:

  • Healthy Cooking demo night
  • 10 tips, tricks and tools to make your kids enjoy eating their fruits and veggies
  • How to get dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less
  • Comprehensive Healthy Shabbaton
  • “Help! My kid is a vegetarian!”
  • Fun/healthy kitchen tools demonstration
  • Healthy Shabbat substitutions
  • Chinese Shabbat in an hour
  • 3 Steps to a Healthy Family and a Healthy You
  • 3 Secrets to Sanity in the Kitchen
  • Fruit Funshops
  • Green Smoothie workshops
  • Simple cooking for college students and new graduates (Everyday dinners, Healthy Snacks and Shabbat/Holidays)
I look forward to hearing from you!

For more options and information you can also go to my workshop page:

Yours in health,

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