This will be short and sweet because it’s a busy week preparing for Sunday’s 15-minute meal workshop in Potomac. If you aren’t registered yet, click here! However, I am reading such a brilliant book, I had to start sharing some of its gems with you! What is it?

“Slim by Design” by Brian Wansink, Ph.D.



According to Wansink, the best way to stay slim, healthy and energetic is to figure out how to mindlessly eat LESS.

The first step: The Kitchen Makeover.

Three goals for your kitchen makeover:

1. Make your kitchen less” loungeable.” Eat at the table on chairs that won’t hurt your butt but aren’t lounge chairs either! Only go there to cook and eat. Don(I’m sure there are a lot of open concept interior designers upset at this recommendation!).

2. Make tempting food invisible or inconvenient. 1st seen, 1st eaten! Sugar cereals to the back! Put your pantry out of the kitchen, like in the laundry room. No food in sight except at least two types of fruit on the counter.

Also, move the fruits and veggies from your produce drawers to the top of your fridge. Place less healthful foods in those drawers. Don’t the drawers keep your produce longer? you wonder. Wansink says, yes, but…”The goal is to eat it not preserve it.”

Keep already cut produce in clear glass containers or covered in plastic wrap. Cover less healthful foods in foil or place them in opaque containers.

3. Make it easier to cook. Clear your counters except for the fruit and the blender. (Can someone please tell my husband it’s a good thing when I leave the Vitamix out? 🙂

Buy the book to read Step 2!
Here are two similar books. The first is also by Brian Wansink (the precursor to Slim by Design) and the other references much of his work.

Yours in health,