Dear Friends,
Happy Thanksgiving to my friends, family and fans, for whom I am most grateful! Please forgive me for not blogging the past month. However, I was busy with several noble pursuits, including my brand new website! Thank you, James Parenti, at! There is a lot to enjoy now, such as the new clean layout with access to more blogs on one page. I’m still filling in some of the categories and featured images, but very soon, you will find a handy-dandy index of recipes by category. In addition, right now My Favorite Things page is fully functioning but not set up in the most user-friendly way. You’ll notice a few Amazon ads on the new site. This is designed to provide you with the products I recommend, in the most convenient way to you. I will also be updating the My Favorite Things page to be much easier to purchase the fun products I recommend.

In the past, several people have asked me to put together a package of the items that I recommend and that many of you have read about in my books or enjoyed in my Fruit Funshops.  I have included all of them in my blog a few times, and they are in my Amazon store. However, I want it to be even easier for you. There isn’t really a way for me to put together a physical package of my “Make Fruits and Vegetables Fun” in-a-box for you; What I can do to make things easier for you, is keep these recommendations in a central place (soon to be the newly updated My Favorite Things page) and try to also include some at the bottom of my blogs, using Amazon ads. For my efforts, I will receive a small affiliate fee if you purchase something I recommend through my website. I hope it goes without saying that I only recommend items I believe in and am confident will benefit you in your efforts to create and/or maintain a healthy family.

Welcome to my new blog subscribers! I met you at several of my recent events including a pre-election “shake-off” at in Potomac, MD; the holiday boutique benefit for Friendship Circle of Maryland; and the Friendship Circle of MD Fruit Funshop.

facebook,social,social network,snI want to make two requests for us to make sure you are receiving and enjoying as many fun tips as possible from me! If you have not already, please like my Facebook page. If you have, please do one more thing for me. As you may know, Facebook has changed the way they do things so that people with professional pages essentially have to pay for the people who have liked their pages to see what they post. The way to make sure you see what I post (not tons, but what I put out is very helpful!), is to go to the page and then go to where you would normally click for Like (click if you haven’t already done so) and see the down arrow next to the word Like. Hover your mouse over it and then click on “See first.”

Thank you in advance!