Just a quick note to say hi to my Healthy Mama’s. I know I’ve been offline a lot lately as I gear up for two weeks of conducting the Healthy Family, Healthy You kids’ cooking camps. In addition, I’m busy planning my fall classes, which will now be every day for middle-schoolers; different from this past year when I taught elementary students once per week. I’m excited to incorporate more nutrition information and fun food writing into the cooking classes. It warms my heart to think I can help students make healthy decisions now and create positive life-long habits.

It’s not all work around here. We just enjoyed an active family trip. You can look forward to more healthy traveling tips for when you need to bring your own food (or it would be a healthier choice not to eat out for every meal). I really did a bang-up job on this last one!

In the meantime, I continue to work on healthy family tips, tricks and recipes for you.

Here is a look at what’s to come, starting this fall:

  1. Ideas to conduct your own Fruit Funshops at home
  2. Simple, healthy back to school lunches
  3. Meal planning as a family
  4. Back to school weeknight dinners
  5. Healthy tips and recipes for the holidays
  6. New food products/food comparisons
  7. Sanity-saving kitchen tools
  8. Health and weight loss apps
  9. How to be kind and loving to your holiday guests and yourself
  10. Meal Makeovers

Feel free to also send in any requests for topics or healthy meal makeovers! I may not be writing a lot of blogs, but I do pop up with fun stuff on my Facebook page. You can also be in touch there with your own tips or challenges.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer!