I know, I know…the adage, “It’s not real food if it has an ingredient list or a nutrition label.” But sometimes there are processed foods we want to take advantage of that aren’t actually too bad.

Here are a 5 discoveries I’ve made in the last few months that I thought you’d be happy to see.

I’ve mentioned before that I am all about the Califia Farms almond milk (and other plant milks) as it only contains almonds and water. In addition, they now have new creamers. The original creamer left A LOT to be desired. However, the new ones are delicious and have slightly less sugar than similar creamers.

Sol Cuisine veggie burgers and other products.

Many are gluten-free and soy-free (and all that I’ve found are kosher-certified). They have everything from plain veggie burgers to meatless Korean bbq. My favorite is the spicy black bean burger.Check the website for where to find the products near you. Not all products are carried in all regions.

Coconut Wraps

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As a vegan, I’m pretty opposite of Paleo in many ways. However, some Paleo products are quite helpful, such as these coconut wraps. The savory ones are great for regular wraps and the coconut work well for fun kids and dessert wraps. Add banana, honey, nuts; or cooked apples.
Kosher seaweed snacks!

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I’ve been looking for Kosher-certified seaweed snacks ever since they came out a few years ago. They’re a healthier packaged snack for kids. The wait is over!


Packaged like a yogurt tube, these blended fruit pops don’t have any added sugar. However, unlike many other products that say that, they also don’t sweeten with fruit juice concentrate. You can feel good about giving your kids a “popsicle” every day after camp with these.

Here’s a link to where to buy Froozer. I’ve bought them around me at Shalom Kosher.

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