This year I’ve found a number of recipes you’ll love and that I can’t wait to try for my own personal vegan Thanksgiving (I’ll be with lots of family and I’m sure they’ll eat what I make, but no one else in my group will be skipping the turkey, which is fine). I don’t have to work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so I’m not feeling much like keeping it simple! But if you are… see my previous plant-based Thanksgiving blogs at the bottom of this post.

In fact, I’ve found so many recipes I want to try, I’m going to have to save some of them for Shabbat when we’ll still have family in…IF we even need them…because we’ll have plenty of leftovers! The problem with making 12 different dishes for one meal is that everyone eats only one bite. So you have a huge platter of food, with only 1/8th of it missing after the meal!

I’ve had Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen cookbook for a while now, and have made and enjoyed a number of recipes.

However, I don’t think I’ve really looked at it for Thanksgiving before. Here are the recipes I want to try:

Hot artichoke and white bean spread, pumpkin pie, sweet potato biscuits; polenta, sausage and mushroom stuffing; smashed potatoes with mushroom gravy. I’ll also make a sweet potato casserole (aka Maple Squash Pudding in my cookbook and the link below), plain sweet potatoes and a vegan Green Bean casserole.

Here is a simple healthier alternative to green bean casserole:

I’ll probably start with the above as a base, make more sauce using a mix of cornstarch and vegetable broth, and then top with french fried onions. I just can’t resist making a vegan green bean casserole!

Also, here is a resource for lots of plant-based Thanksgiving ideas


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