Shana Tova to my dear readers. I know I only posted on Facebook for Rosh Hashanah, but I wanted to let you know it is all for good reason. My new exciting website project will be out there before the end of the year. So get ready and get excited!

In the meantime, Yom Kippur is coming!

Recipe #1

So there is this soup that is the perfect pre and post fast meal. I won’t suggest it for “break fast” because we are all loyal to our bagel break fasts… However, it is the perfect plant-based pre-Yom kippur meal.

If you don’t yet know what you’re eating before the Yom Kippur fast I have the perfect healthy option. A split pea lentil soup where all ingredients come from the pantry. Isn’t it exciting to have an easy recipe you can rely on and that you can keep all of the shelf-stable ingredients on hand? Here it is. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to cook, but you can do anything you want during that time. Simply stir every 10 minutes or so.

You can “mix” up a few jars and have them ready to go in the pantry. I have given this recipe before for breaking one of the minor fasts during the year and I have people tell me they’re still making it two years later.

I want to make sure you know that eating 10 donuts before a fast won’t actually keep you full. In fact, over-eating in general will not necessarily keep you full longer. In addition, eating sugar that will metabolize quickly will leave you grumpy, hungry, and even make it hard to sleep.

I recently heard someone say that sometimes when we over eat, we cause such a spike and dip in blood sugar levels, that we have to eat something to get back on balance. So stay balanced in the first place!

This split pea soup recipe is fantastic because it is nutritious and delicious and full of fiber and protein. That’s what really keeps you full. Your body knows it received the nutrients it needed and you can move on. Please don’t eat until you want to puke. It will not help you.

Recipe #2

If you do have time to use some fresh vegetables, then my “Mama Soup” is definitely the way to go. My mom called it that because my sister and I couldn’t say vegetable lentil barley soup when we were 4! She’s not even sure where she got the recipe at this point, but here is my published, updated version. Also, see this picture below.

It is also very good with sliced, sauteed Beyond Meat Italian Sausages in it. Here’s a link to my comprehensive post on the kosher Beyond Meat products. Scroll down the page. This is a complete meal – and probably all you would need for a pre-fast meal if you really need to keep it simple.

Fasting Tip

One more fasting tip – needing to re-hydrate or pre-hydrate – doesn’t mean your body needs corn syrup and food coloring. Put down the sports drinks and drink some coconut water!

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Have an easy and meaningful fast!