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I have a new recipe for you, courtesy of Shawna Clapper of “Stress Less. Be Healthy.” Keep reading because this recipe comes from her new E-Cookbook, which she is offering with extra bonuses until May 8, 2020.

Click here for the recipe for healthier, homemade “Pop-Tarts.” I made the recipe first with frozen blueberries, which the recipe calls for, and then a second time, with fresh strawberries. Both were absolutely delicious. The blueberries were the perfect texture and thickness. (Excuse the paper plate!)

I added a little coconut whipped cream to the top of the strawberry “Pop-Tart” and felt like I was eating guilt-free strawberry shortcake. Oops. Forgot to take a picture of it with the whipped cream. I must have eaten it too fast!

Next time I’ll load up even more on the strawberries. They were so fresh and sweet. The sliced strawberries taste so much better than putting in a jelly-like substance like the store bought “Pop-Tarts.”

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Vegan & Kid Friendly Recipes,
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The “Pop-Tart” recipe is from Shawna’s new cookbook: Vegan & Kid-Friendly Recipes. If you purchase it before May 8, 2020, you’ll also receive a 28 day vegan meal plan and a child’s food journal.

Here is a message directly from the author, Shawna Clapper.

Since kids have been home for awhile now, and some school districts are starting to end the year early, are you starting to run out of things to do with your kids? If your kids are little, maybe you already have. And, if you’re working from home now, you probably don’t want them to veg out in front of screens all day long. (No judging if you do, I’m writing this as two of my girls are watching Monsters Inc, the other one is still sleeping.)
If you’ve been reading my emails for a while now, then you probably already know my cur-all for bored kids; teaching them to make their own food! Not that you have to constantly be coming up with things for them to do to cure their boredom. It’s actually good for them to be bored sometimes, creativity can be created that way!
But, because, you see, there are so many benefits for our children learning to make their own food. (And, if they become ‘bored’ in the kitchen, maybe they’ll start creating their own recipes!)
If you start teaching your kids to make food now, maybe by Mothers Day (which is next weekend, that kind of snuck up on me this year) they’ll be able to make you breakfast in bed! Or, at least make homemade (healthy/vegan) peanut butter cups, which can be found towards the end of my new e-cookbook ‘Vegan & Kid Friendly Recipes!!’  
In fact, there is a whole section in the e-cookbook sharing how beneficial (and in which ways it is beneficial) to teach your kids to cook! Believe it or not, it’s not just about providing a life skill or spending time with them! Though, those are the most important benefits :).
I know how difficult it can be to determine what kids can actually do in the kitchen at certain ages. And how scary it can be to have your child use the stove or a chefs knife for the first time, believe me, I know! So, you’ll also find what kids are (or could be- because every child is different) capable of in the kitchen and at what ages.
We all need a little reassurance that our kids might just be capable of more than we think they are, especially in the kitchen. How else are they going to be challenged, grow, and get better at making or preparing food?
Most of the recipes are easy enough for elementary school students to make mostly by themselves. Some are easy enough for toddlers and preschools to make themselves! So, if you have little ones, over a year and a half, they’ll still benefit from this e-cookbook.
It’s so important to start your kids off in the kitchen as early as possible. They have a natural willingness to help, and if you ignore that early on, it might be harder to get them to help in the kitchen when they’re older.
But, if you have older kids, it’s not too late! In fact, it’s the older kids who don’t know how to cook who should really appreciate the fact that you try to teach them. They’re the ones who might be leaving home soon and will need to be able to make food for themselves. So, there are some more challenging recipes in the e-cookbook, too. That way they don’t feel childish with the recipes that don’t even use the oven. Some recipes in the dinner section have multiple parts to them, and should be the challenge older kids are looking for. (For younger kids, simply give them one part to help with, til they are capable of more.)
Select recipes in the e-cookbook also have step by step directions with photos, to help some of the younger kids understand what to do. Now that you know how important it is for kids to learn how to cook, and for toddlers to feel important and help in the kitchen; what are you going to do?
You could browse Pinterest for hours on end to find a recipe your kids can help with, and spend so much time scrolling that you forgot why you got on there in the first place.
Or, you can grab this e-cookbook with recipes specifically chosen to help teach kids how to cook, recipes that you can be sure are healthy and vegan, with NO weird ingredients, like almond meal, tapioca starch, or chickpea flour. If you choose the second option, you can also relax meal plans for the next month; I’ve got you covered with a 28 day vegan meal plan with a meal prep guide, to help you save money, time, and not waste food.
AND, you’ll also receive a child’s food journal you can print out. Don’t worry, it’s not just pretty paper for your kids to write down how they feel about what they just ate. There are specific questions to help guide them and help them think about the food they ate. Letting them be detectives of the food and their body, so they can see for themselves that too much sugar might give them a belly ache, or eating a lot of veggies makes them feel great! You know, help them understand that what you’ve been telling them all along is true. Sometimes kids just need some help learning those things on their own to truly believe it!
The only catch is that you’ll need to purchase before May 8th to get the 28 day vegan meal plan and child’s food journal for free.
Learn more HERE!
Stay healthy,
P.S. Go grab ‘Vegan & Kid Friendly Recipes!!’ E-cookbook and get a 28 day vegan meal plan & meal prep guide, AND a child’s food journal for FREE!! Check it out HERE!!