This past Sunday I had the pleasure of conducting one of my Fruit Funshops for Friendship Circle of Maryland, in honor of Tu b’shevat. If you want to do a fun activity with your kids for Tu b’shevat, keep reading for photos and instructions!

Tu B’shevat is the birthday of the trees!

Tree on a blue sky

Here are some photos of our Tu B’shevat Fruit Funshop.

For details on how you can make this project, for Tu B’shevat or just for fun, see my latest Israel Forever Foundation blog. I’m now officially an Israel Forever Foundation blogger. Look for my profile to go up soon.

Here is a permanent link.

Israel Forever Foundation blog_celebrating_the_fruits_of_the_land_on_tu_bshevat

We also did this Tu B’shevat craft at my Berman Hebrew Academy afterschool cooking class, yesterday. It is always so fascinating to see the different ways each child chooses to express themselves. We also made this Tu B’shevat salad.

By the way, I recognize that in these pictures we are using some fruits and veggies that do not grow on trees. It’s just too fun to make shapes with cantaloupe and watermelon!

If you want to buy any of the fun tools we used, click on the links below.

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