When pool season started around here, our pool released their new expanded list of snacks. I know you’ll be shocked that they haven’t yet added apples, bananas or baby carrots! Lucky for you, I have ideas you can make and bring yourself-whether you’re at the pool or in your own backyard.

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Besides the following fun and healthy snacks you can bring with you, I’ll tell you another secret: Some pools will let you keep your own box of ice pops in their freezer. You’ll save approximately $1 million dollars per summer, and you can buy items sans food coloring and corn syrup.

First up, Deconstructed Veggie Sushi Rolls.

Simply buy nori brown rice cakes (found in health food stores) and shmear with avocado and sliced cucumber.

If you can’t buy these rice cakes, or just want more of a sushi taste, sprinkle the top with kelp granules.
Kelp is a type of seaweed, full of important vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

Rice cakes not your thing? Avocado Toast to the rescue. I love squeezing fresh lemon juice over the avocado and then adding a sprinkle of Jane’s Mixed up Salt or this incredible Salt-Free Spice Blend. The options are endless. Slice up those summer garden tomatoes. And, yes, for travel you can simply turn this idea into an avocado sandwich. Yum!

Next up, Shiitake Mushroom Chips.

Mushrooms are the new super food that can contribute to a strong immune system. However, you don’t need to concern yourself with that. Just know that mushroom chips are a delicious and whole food plant based alternative to potato chips. I spread them out on my pizza pan (for maximum air flow and crisp), spray with a tiny bit of grape seed oil (but any will work) and bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. Try this round pizza pan.

Last but not least…it’s summer ice pop time. You can use straight juice, freeze your smoothies, etc…

Tovolo makes the best ice pop molds, including these ring pop ice pop molds. Whatever you put in this mold, it will be better than the candy ring pops!

For everyone obsessed with zombies… Yes, there are even zombie ice pop molds!

Don’t give up on a healthy summer! Use these whole food plant based snack ideas for happy and healthy snacking now and all year-round!