January is known for both the usual New Year’s resolutions, Dry January and Veganuary. I encourage all my readers to use January to set a healthy tone for the year, whatever that means for you. Here are three foundational tips for a happy and healthy year from Jews Eat Veggies!

Three Foundations for a Healthy Year

Happy January 1st! I used today to start my year off the way I start every week (Sunday morning), with my favorite yoga class.

#1 Pick a One-Word Theme for the Year

Our teacher asked us if we had any resolutions. I told her I don’t set resolutions. I pick a word. Last year my word was thrive and my strong commitment to twice a week yoga was the foundation of my success! I started this word practice years ago with Coach Marlene McCallum of Most Powerful Life. This week The Washington Post happened to also have an article about the exact same thing, calling it a nudge word. In addition, one of my favorite podcasts, The Happier Podcast, just had their annual episode where the hosts review their one word themes.

#2 Move with Joy

As much as I want people to know that you can’t outrun a bad diet, you should also know that moving your body in a way that makes you feel happy and healthy is as much a foundation of health as is eating 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies per day. Exercise creates a sense of purpose and self-efficacy and it is a lot cheaper than therapy (although not a replacement if you need it…)! It has also been shown to work as well as anti-depressants in multiple scientific studies.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about health: balance, function, strong muscles, strong bones and energy – not weight or BMI.

You have to find a way to make healthy choices, like how to move and create health, with Joy. If you are trying to “get healthy,” or “do the right thing,” but you’re doing it while holding your breath and miserable, the “lifestyle change” goal will remain an unattainable nirvana. I recommend the book, The Joy Choice.

#3 Eat More Plants

What’s the best way to eat more plants? Make it fun! Make sure you’re signed up for my emails because I’ll be sending a fun pre-Purim email to help you with this. In addition, my secret subscriber Pesach guide is legendary!

In the meantime, check out these important Jews Eat Veggies resources to help you eat more plants.

Start making your fruits and veggies fun! You and your family will eat more healthy foods and have more energy and vitality. Remember, don’t think about what you need to take away. Focus on adding the good stuff!

While I’m busy living IRL, you don’t have to wait for new blog posts. Year-round, check out the Jewish Holidays & Community page for Jewish and secular recipes, tips and tricks. Scroll down the page to find your exact occasion. If you aren’t ready to give up sugar or meat, don’t. Just ADD the good stuff and let it crowd out the bad. At the same time, if you DO want to eat better, please use my recipes under the above holiday categories and let Jews Eat Veggies help you eat more plants!

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Happy New Year!