Where’s Daddy?

This started out as a funny little joke, became a total riot and now I’m pretty sure that if I call him and he hasn’t left I’ll laugh so hard I’ll go into labor. My dad called me on Friday afternoon to tell me he was coming Sunday. He’s chronically late and an avid photographer. […]

Metro, Metro, Metro…

Omg. Did I seriously just go 11 days without blogging? They’re going to take the term away from me! For those of you unaware, we were out of our house all week last week due to a sewer pipe problem (no, nothing gross came in our house but it would have if we hadn’t stopped […]

Moving Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is moving day. Tonight I came home to the house 99% packed up by the movers. Fantastic! Well, almost. Items packed, although they knew we were staying one more night: My clothes for tomorrow Toothbrush and toothpaste Toilet paper Wet towels from the bathroom Bathroom soap Laundry bag Not packed: Shower cap Dental floss […]

Since when do I listen?

I was just thinking about that nice friend who warned me about starting a blog as I am in the last stages of preparation to birth, feed and take care of a baby (all without buying anything ahead of time of course!), prepare for maternity leave from my office, and set up a new house […]


I’ve felt way too much pressure in starting this blog. What’s important enough for the first topic? Leon Wieseltier recently said something funny about blogging and the ridiculousness of journalists, or anyone else for that matter, thinking that our initial thoughts and unedited musings are suddenly brilliant because its now called something (“blogging”) rather than […]